Covered for what?

Who’s your covering?, who are you accountable to?, you need to be under a covering. What does this really mean? Does a man come between me and God. Do I need a man’s permission before I do anything? Can you use covering as a form of control?

If covering means accountability then we are accountable to one another. Firstly we are accountable to the Lord. We are judged by what we do on earth. We have a one on one with God himself. Only the Lord has absolute authority over us but he still gives us a free will.

God uses man to guide, lead, and shepherd, not control or use “covering” as control. As we form friendships we expose who we really are and these people can speak into our lives. A shepherd should really know his sheep.

In a large congregation with one pastor, it’s very hard for him to know you. He can be your covering and not have a glue what you get up to during the week.

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