Walking in the garden

Walking in the garden in the cool of the day. Who was walking in the garden? Who was in the garden? At this time there was the Lord God, Adam, and Eve.

Do you think the Lord spent time with Adam and Eve in the garden? Do you think they had fellowship? I believe the main purpose of church is fellowship.

The church service in NZ does not encourage fellowship. The mid-week bible study group does not encourage fellowship. Turning around to the person next to you and saying “Hi” does not encourage fellowship. It needs to happen in a natural environment like a home where there is no agenda, or a cafe or restaurant. ¬†Would you invite people to your home for dinner who you’ve met in a bible study group? Does the Pastor invite you to his home for dinner? Do you get to know each other outside a “church” setting?

In New Zealand we are not good at community, in today’s independent, materialistic world.

We need a Miracle! – “They had all things in common.”


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